• Move with arrow keys or gamepad
  • Shoot with button 1 (z)
  • Exit level with button 2 (x)

Made in 48 hours for ludum dare 39. Sourcecode

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withTIC-80, GIMP
TagsLudum Dare 39, TIC-80
LinksLudum Dare
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ld39.tic 72 kB


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Amazing and cool tank game. great and good luck 👍

(What game engine was used to make this game?)

cool tank game


Thank you


Can you make your own games featured.

Awesome 😎 work.


Your work is awesome


this game is fun leafo




Hi leafo i love you made a great web

How can I see the black holes. The bullets give off light, but its not enough., these poeple are pretending to be roblox to steal peoples acounts.


Please use the report feature to report a game. A comment on my game page not a very appropriate spot! Thanks

Yah, really sorry

hmm wrong place m8


The game seems to be unplayable in the browser (Firefox), so I've elected to download the game and play it :)


Hmm, it seems downloading this game via Itch,io and GitHub doesn't seem to make any difference; I'll try again with a different browser :)


Hmm, this game is playable on Chrome, but despite the assurance that defeating all the enemies is not needed to finish each level, I found that not to be the case, especially in levels 2 & 3 (I gave up after I died at level 3, having taken a number of tries to even get past level 2 to begin with :p); oftentimes I would find 2 black holes near an enemy, only AFTER I have defeated said enemy (:

The black hole mechanic was interesting, although the reflected light of your bullets bouncing against the wall helps as well :)

Perhaps this is not a game for those with twitchy fingers or those predisposed to making mistakes long and plenty, but the idea behind the game is quite neat in of itself, so good job :)

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Cute main menu music. Nice to play. A bit difficult, but that's just me. :)