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A game made for Ludum Dare 23. Try it out, it's one of my funner ones.

From the original release:

DON'T STOP MOVING. Fly through an interstellar grand canyon as the walls slowly close in on you. Destroy wave after wave of enemies trying to get you. Dual 
weapon gameplay, one for killing and another for pushing the walls back. 

How to play

From the title screen press ENTER to begin the game. 

During the game you control your ship with the arrow keys. 

As time goes on, enemies will fly at you and the walls will slowly close in. 
You have two guns to deal with both of these problems: 

Pressing (or holding) X will shoot the Alpha gun, a blue bolt that will kill 
enemies. Kill enemies to earn points. 

Holding C will charge and shoot your Beta gun. A pink bolt that pushes the 
walls back when it hits an enemy. 

The bar at the top is your health. It goes down when you take damage. The game 
is over when your health goes to 0 or the walls crush you 


Some enemies have a chance to drop powerups. The red powerup will restore some 
of your health. The blue powerup will improve both of your guns. 

Try to get the blue powerups whenever possible, this will improve your Beta gun 
so you can push the walls back when they start to close in really fast. 

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Apr 24, 2012
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
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wulcan-win32.zip 2 MB
wulcan-osx.zip 11 MB
wulcan.love (For Love 0.8.0) 689 kB


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interesting ill play when I get home

very nice game!

Cool game! :D
My best score:  20108

I'm guessing this is an error in the MacOS version of the game? =]


Seems like it, I didn't have a mac to test the build I made at the time. Since it uses an older version of love, I'd want to just update the code to make a new build. I can remove the broken version.

Very Good Idea of the game



A better score than I've ever gotten


A better game than I've ever made